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Omini against Kagame

Comparison of several aspects

First hand player specification: Omini best

Aomini: 47/50 💙

Kagame: 45/50

Second: In terms of evolution: Kagame is equal to or better than Aumini

AOMINE: The area

KAGAMI: Zone / and with the second zone team.

Third: In individual encounters (four times) (Umini won more times on Kagame)

First time: Aomeini won

Second time: Aomeini won

Third time: Individual draw, with the help of Kuro Kagame won (in the region)

The fourth time: Aomeini won

CONCLUSION: In the normal mode, the Omni is better, in the position of the region there is almost equal between them, and in the second zone setting the priority of Kagame

Meaning: In singles play (Umini is better than Kagame)

And in playing with the team (b