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Aomine is a stronger player all-round, we can definitely say that Aomine's basketball skills are higher than Akashi's.

For Akashi:

I disagree with the statement above. Akashi is still the best amongst all the Generation of Miracles. Aomine once stated that even he has diffuculty passing Murasakibara, Generation of Miracles and Yosen High's Center. However in a flashback, Akashi was able to beat Murasakibara in a one on one match. Akashi even beat Midorima and Shutoku in a fair match. (86-70 Rakuzan and Shutoku respectively) Furthermore, Midorima even speculated that Akashi has two abilities: one the Emperor Eye and the other ability that has yet to be specified in the manga. Overall, Aomine is a strong player, but Akashi still bests him.(Pretty confident Aomine can beat Kagami even if Aomine lost in the their second match.) 

Bro the reason Akashi won was because he unlocked his Emperor Eye. Without the Eye Murasakibara would have beaten him and Aomine would beat Akashi in a 1 on 1 match. 


Ch. 145 Pg. 3 (Aomine mentinoning Murasakibara)

Ch. 221 (Akashi vs Murasakibara Flashback)

Ch. 175-183 (Midorima vs Akashi)

Ch. 228 (Midorima's Speculation)

Answer 2 (because i answered first, i won't just simply go to the comments.)

Seriously, stop modifying other people's answers and erasing them, that's just unfair. As I said, in a 1v1, it would be a close call, because if you did not saw it yet, Akashi's power tends to lower when used for too long, just like in the seirin finale, where kagami still could do alot against him. On the other hand, Aomine can fight for a very long time and be unpredictible. Aomine was injured when fighting seirin during winter cup, and THAT'S a big point nobody seems to notice because there's too much akashi fanboyism. So Definitely, Aomine could win against Akashi, but I'd say it's a 50% 50% chance, but longer the game last, the bigger advantage Aomine takes. But if you talk about team games, Akashi would definitely win, I mean, he can make his whole team enter zone, so ... His skills are better in a team than in 1v1, unlike Aomine who's the whole contrary.

It it is a 50/50. Amine is unpredictable but that's kinda what the emperor eye is for. To predict. Akashi knows how to use his emporer eye to the fullest. That's what makes him strong. Akashi unlocked the emperor eye in 1on1 with murusakibara. On teams rakuzan wins. Otherwise aomine has a slight advantage. I'd say aomine 60- Akashi 40 percent in chances. aomine gets stronger the more stronger the opponent. While akashis skills begin to fade away slowly the longer the game goes on. Aomine would become more unpredictable while the emporer eye tries harder to predict. Akashi winning in a one on one is a possibility and net a remote one. I'd say Akashi enters the son first and wins as quick as possible or Akashi enters the zone scores quite a fair amount on him and then aomine follows into the zone and destroys Akashi. If aomine enters the zone Akashi would have the slightest chance of winning no just stop.. Aomine easily Is the best, he is the strongest too and could destroy then in a fight, the only one who can best him is him, without zone, aomine is the goat

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