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We just have to wait and see how the story goes. Technically, if he could enter the Zone, it wouldn't be such a godlike status like with Kagami or Aomine, since Kuroko doesn't have the necessary physique. So far, the Zone is only described as an immense state of concentration where the player overcomes his potential and heightens his skills and senses. In theory, Kuroko could enter the Zone if the situation pushes him to. I guess his Misdirection skills would be over the top and his passes would be all over the place. He can also phantom shoot and he would be able to be more accurate and do it more often before getting tired.

he would be able to disappear on the court completely

if he learns other skills like dibbling properly or shooting as well he would be better than them all as he would diaper even if the others are in zone. Making him better but he is far away from that date though. He would disappear against aomine or Akashi.